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Payment Methods

All Risks.

This is additional insurance protection you can add to your policy. This is an unadvised sale and you need to be sure this is suitable for your business requirements.

·       This is an optional policy section

·       Sum insured options of:-

·        £1,500 – Annual Premium £31.36

·        £3,000 – Annual Premium £50.40

·        £5,000 – Annual Premium £70.00


What is insured?

·       Property used solely in connection with your business, belonging to you or for which you are legally responsible

·       Property including therapy equipment, office equipment, tablet devices, computers and ancillary equipment, electronic equipment, photographic          equipment, stock.

·       A £100.00 policy excess applies to each and every claim.



·       Property taken outside of the UK, worldwide for a maximum of 60 days in any one period of insurance.



·       Brittle articles

·       Damage caused by wear, tear or any gradually operating cause

·       Damage caused by any act of dishonesty committed by any employee



Theft from an unattended vehicle – all doors, windows and other means of access are securely fastened and locked. All valuable items are locked in secure compartments and hidden from view. Any security devices for protection of the vehicle are put into full and effective operation

For further details of this cover please email us via the contact us page.