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Am I covered for Online work under my Policy?

Good news. Yes you are.

We understand that at this difficult time, working online, may be a useful option that allows you to keep your business ticking over and also allows you to maintain contact with your clients.

So, regarding online work we can confirm the following:  

The policy will automatically provide the insured cover for the business activities noted and agreed on the policy schedule, via skype, telephone or online consultations. This will provide cover so long as work is not performed or provided to clients in the USA and/or Canada (unless cover for this aspect has been agreed separately). If you do require this aspect of cover please contact us for further information. 

Work provided via skype, telephone or online consultations are subject to all the standard terms and conditions of the policy wording. Please note this includes the record keeping condition that can be found on page 35 of the Professional Liability & Malpractice wording. 

Please treat online work exactly the same as you would if you were working face to face.

Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.